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Do you get bloated after eating or drinking? Have you been told you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Do you have acid reflux and rely on prescription medication? Do you have Celiac disease or Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?

Do you have daily headaches? Do you have cyclical related menstrual migraines? Do you take medications for migraines more than 3x per month? Do you medicate daily for headaches?

Do you suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, disrupted sleep, brain fog, thinning hair and/or nails, or osteoporosis? Are you menopausal and want to learn more about your hormone options? Do you have heavy or painful periods? Do you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Do you have issues with fatigue? How is stress affecting your thyroid and adrenals and making you tired? Are your thyroid labs normal but you know intuitively something is wrong? Are you having trouble and/or staying asleep?

Do you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin? Are you tired of using creams all over your body? Do you know your gut is partially to blame however do not know how to fix it?

Are you having trouble breathing? Do you want an alternative to your current treatment? Do you get seasonal sinus infections? Have you been exposed to mold?

Are you looking for a trusted advisor to make the most of your health through education and implementation on how to utilize food and movement to prevent disease?


Achieving optimal health takes more than a 15-minute office visit.

You deserve to be seen, heard, and supported.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to healthcare that values prevention, addresses the underlying causes of disease, and looks at the bigger picture of the human body. Functional medicine practitioners aim to help their patients achieve their highest goals for physical and mental health.

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Set up a free, 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit. We will talk about your current issues and worries, and discuss strategies to help you feel better.


If we are a good fit, schedule your 60-minute consultation to begin work directly with Dr. Williams to either address a specific medical problem or to maximize current wellness.


Schedule your 30 min follow-up visits to review labs, protocol, and address questions. Option to set up additional appointments with a dietician or health coach to ensure you’re receiving the support you need.


Hi, I’m Dr. Basima


As the founder of Being Functional and a primary care physician of over 20 years, I’m no stranger to disease. I’ve always had an inclination towards prevention and taking a common-sense approach to health care, but it wasn’t until I saw the improvement that lifestyle medicine, diet, and exercise had on my chronic disease patients that changed the way I view medicine.

After integrating functional medicine into my traditional practice, my patients began to feel and function better. There is a little part of everyone I talk to, a little intuition, that tells them their gut feeling is right. Lifestyle does matter. But what diet, what changes, and what supplements can achieve this?

That’s where I come in. Because there is a better way to health that involves fewer scripts and more sensibility.

A Functional Medicine Physician that integrates…

diet, exercise, meditation, lifestyle, and thought into your prescription for wellness.

Your Privacy + Time Will Always Be Respected

Kind Words…

Have you ever worked with someone who you felt certain was doing exactly what they were called to do? That is my experience of Dr. Basima Williams. With each interaction, I felt cared for and very understood. There were aspects of my health where she applauded me and I could rest in what I was doing to promote my well-being. At times, Dr. Williams challenged to me to increase my participation and commitment to my own well-being with changes in my health habits. Whether maintenance or change was warranted, Basima partnered with me from a place of mutuality – we were working together. Four years later, I am thriving and very, very grateful for her care. 

– Sally – FNP – STL

I am so lucky to have Dr. Basima Williams in my life. About 20 years ago, I had severe back pain. I went to the ER twice and they told me I had a urinary track infection and gave me pain killers and antibiotics. I followed up with Dr. Williams because I was not getting better and had really bad pain. After talking with me and examining me, Dr. Williams knew it was much more then a infection. She sent me to the hospital and had a couple of tests done, after which I found out that I had huge kidney stones. She called one of the best urologists in San Diego and got me in to see him quickly. Until I saw Dr. Williams, I felt like other doctors just wanted to prescribe me something new just to get me out of the office. It was not until I met Dr. Williams that I actually felt that someone was listening to me. It has been 20 years later and I still cannot say enough great things about her! I am forever grateful.

-Sarah S., Entrepreneur

Dr. Basima Williams is an abosolute Godsend! I ran into Dr. Basima happenstance during a business meeting. I had been suffering from a rash for years [but] after talking with her and learning more about functional medicine, I knew I had to see her as my doctor. After an initial consultation and exhaustive intake, she determined that [my] skin problem [was] caused by a gut issue called leaky gut. She worked on my diet, gave me 4 supplements and in just a couple of weeks, the rash was almost gone. Now, months later, the rash is still gone. The difference in this type of medicine and care is night and day. I had gone years with this rash, went to multiple doctors, including my own sister, and all I ever got was a cream prescription. Now, I understand about treating the cause of the problem and not just the problem. What regular doctors couldn’t figure out in a decade, she figured out in one session and provided a real solution to fix it and not just mask the problem. She’s a life saver and I can’t recommend her enough!

-Filip Kvasny / San Diego, CA

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