At Being Functional

We see you virtually. 

Through technology, we are integrating traditional and functional medicine and upgrading healthcare as we currently know it.

We’re here to address the whole person when treating specific diseases. We do this through integrating nutrition, supplements, prescriptions (if needed), lifestyle changes, the latest research, in-depth testing and the convenience + accessibility that comes with not having to leave your home. 

Because… being functional should not be so hard.

All of this to say, you are not crazy, there is something more going on and you are not stuck with a disease or certain outcome because of age, genetics or a packed schedule.

The Physician Behind Being Functional…

I’m a primary care doctor who has witnessed firsthand the HUGE impact lifestyle changes have on health.

I’m here to blend years of medical practice with functional medicine, through utilizing evidence-based modern science, specialized lab testing, nutrition, lifestyle components, key supplements, and herbs to address the root cause of disease.

Gone are the days of treating an illness with a simple script. These days, the patient gets to take back control of their life and future. Your disease does not define your quality of life… you do.

In short, you intuitively know that lifestyle is important to wellbeing, but sometimes you just need a little help connecting the dots and implementing the changes. We’re here to get back to BEING FUNCTIONAL.

Let Us Help You

We are a team of health care providers who collaborate together with your interest and highest health at the center of every conversation. 

Kind Words…

Have you ever worked with someone who you felt certain was doing exactly what they were called to do? That is my experience of Dr. Basima Williams. With each interaction, I felt cared for and very understood. There were aspects of my health where she applauded me and I could rest in what I was doing to promote my well-being. At times, Dr. Williams challenged to me to increase my participation and commitment to my own well-being with changes in my health habits. Whether maintenance or change was warranted, Basima partnered with me from a place of mutuality – we were working together. Four years later, I am thriving and very, very grateful for her care. 

– Sally – FNP – STL

I am so lucky to have Dr. Basima Williams in my life. About 20 years ago, I had severe back pain. I went to the ER twice and they told me I had a urinary track infection and gave me pain killers and antibiotics. I followed up with Dr. Williams because I was not getting better and had really bad pain. After talking with me and examining me, Dr. Williams knew it was much more then a infection. She sent me to the hospital and had a couple of tests done, after which I found out that I had huge kidney stones. She called one of the best urologists in San Diego and got me in to see him quickly. Until I saw Dr. Williams, I felt like other doctors just wanted to prescribe me something new just to get me out of the office. It was not until I met Dr. Williams that I actually felt that someone was listening to me. It has been 20 years later and I still cannot say enough great things about her! I am forever grateful.

-Sarah S., Entrepreneur

Dr. Basima Williams is an abosolute Godsend! I ran into Dr. Basima happenstance during a business meeting. I had been suffering from a rash for years [but] after talking with her and learning more about functional medicine, I knew I had to see her as my doctor. After an initial consultation and exhaustive intake, she determined that [my] skin problem [was] caused by a gut issue called leaky gut. She worked on my diet, gave me 4 supplements and in just a couple of weeks, the rash was almost gone. Now, months later, the rash is still gone. The difference in this type of medicine and care is night and day. I had gone years with this rash, went to multiple doctors, including my own sister, and all I ever got was a cream prescription. Now, I understand about treating the cause of the problem and not just the problem. What regular doctors couldn’t figure out in a decade, she figured out in one session and provided a real solution to fix it and not just mask the problem. She’s a life saver and I can’t recommend her enough!

-Filip Kvasny / San Diego, CA