Preventative Package


This package is tailor made for those who are already in pretty good health and want to take take it up a notch. It is modeled after executive level physicals.



After a detailed one hour initial visit to assess your personal health and medical history, a curated set of specialized labs will be ordered. These labs include assessment of advanced lipid and metabolic biomarkers, hormones, genetic, and nutritional labs. We will conclude with a follow up visit reviewing all labs developing a personalized, science-backed set of recommendations focusing on preventive and functional care. This includes optimizing sleep, exercise and diet alongside a detailed recommendation of prescription medications and medial-grade supplements.

If you like how you feel after working with a functional doctor, you have the option to follow up every six months for 15 minute acute visits. We will bridge the gap of integrative health care with traditional medicine. You will keep your private PCP with this program.


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